Nicole. 23. USA, Ohio. Full time college student. Neuroscience and Geography dual major. Future...well, I'll get back to you on that. As it stands now, I am going to go to grad school to study atmospheric sciences and eventually become a meteorologist. For the first time in my life, I found something interesting and I don't care that it may not make as much as a doctor-I cannot ignore whom I have always been. Full time fangirl. Talks way to much to herself. Posts and reblogs way to much about 30 Rock and Alec Baldwin. And The Book of Mormon. And Andrew Rannells. And Josh Gad. And South Park. And Trey Parker and Matt Stone. And the weather. And nearly everything to do with "The Avengers.' Deal with it. In a shadow cast for Repo! The Genetic Opera. Never saw it before? Watch it. It will change your life. Sleep deprived mostly. Writer. Lover. Fighter. Dreamer. Singer. Actor. Dancer. Scientist. Blogger. Little Monster. Gay rights activist. Christian. Used to be a Mormon for two years. Bacon is amazing. So is cheese. Hail cheese. May or may not be addicted to power. Stupid sexy power. Is a livelong Harry Potter fan and is still wondering where her Hogwarts letter is. Clinging to what little sanity I have left. Music is life. Queen owns my soul...among other things that own said soul. Clarinet player since 5th grade. Apparently an amazing singer. Love. And dark chocolate for everyone. Peace.

Fandoms include:
The Avengers (ships all the things)
30 Rock-Jack/Liz is (beyond) love
CSI:NY-Smacked is (never gonna be, but still awesome) love
South Park
Trey Parker Matt Stone (yes it is a fandom)
The Book of Mormon
House MD-House/Wilson is love
Repo! The Genetic Opera
Ghost Adventures
Man v. Food
Harry Potter <3 <3 (to many ships to name)
Merlin-Merlin/Arthur is love
The Big Bang Theory-Leonard/Sheldon is love
Tongue pron (either by Alec Baldwin or by Andrew Rannells)
Sexually frustrated semesters (and lives)

Trey Parker (forever and always)
Matt Stone (again, forever and always)
Tina Fey
Alec Baldwin-cause he's a daddy bear and a sexy one at that.
Andrew Rannells (and moreover the entire cast of The Book of Mormon)
Freddie Mercury (<3)
Adam Richman
Gary Sinise
Anyone who isn't afraid to stand up in front of society and proclaim that they are their own person aren't fake-they are an original.


Here&#8217;s a kiss for everyone who didn&#8217;t get kissed at midnight tonight. 

Here’s a kiss for everyone who didn’t get kissed at midnight tonight. 

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